Winter Is Just Around The Corner


The cold weather is moving in.. and soon the snow! Don’t get caught out in the cold this year and pick up some winter wear. Coats tend to be the most expensive clothing item when going into winter. Fortunately for you, we carry men’s and women’s coats for MUCH less than the original retail. A really nice wool coat that was almost $300, we have for $40 or less.. How ridiculous is that?! We also have scarves for $5 and sweaters for $14!! All name brand items too. Items like this would make perfect gifts also going into the holidays!


Men’s Fashion

At DFWh, we not only carry great fashions for women, but a lot of great styles for guys too. We carry a number of items like suit jackets, dress pants, jeans, casual pants, t shirts, coats, jackets, scarves, ties, dress shirts, and more. All of which heavily discounted from what the original retail was. To give you an example, most of our dress shirts are priced around $14 when the original retail was $60 or higher! Another great deal are our jackets/coats. We have them priced around $40 or less, when original retail was well over $200! Make sure to stop by, whether it’s for casual wear, or you have that important interview or meeting coming up.


Fresh New Fall Looks

We’ve all had that moment where we look into our closet only to feel uninspired by the clothes we see. Outfits that have been worn time and time again.. There might be a couple of ‘different’ outfits to be squeezed from your closet.. but deep down you’re thinking ” I need some new clothes”.. You pull out your phone, or your laptop and search your favorite brands only to get ‘sticker shock’. “I’ll put it in my cart and save it for when I get paid” – but that time has come and gone so many times. Trust me, I’ve been there too. Well I have a secret for you. DFWh has your back! We carry many name brand fashions for guys, girls, and even top plus size brands! Not to mention the trendy clothes from the famous U.K. online retailer we all know and love. Stop by your favorite DFWh location to get sticker shocked again, this time by the incredibly low prices.


Scarves&Hats1We all know how unpredictable Ohio weather can be. It’s sunny one minute, raining the next.. It’s 65 degrees and sunny one day, and 37 degrees and cloudy the next day. Not to mention the cold mornings as we get closer to Winter. bNow is the perfect time to stock up on some warm clothes at very inexpensive prices. Sweaters, coats, mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, and more. Don’t put it off too long, or you’ll get caught out in the cold!


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