Hidden Gems

With the nature of our business, we sometimes get in some ‘hidden gems’. We have great name brands that we carry consistently, but sometimes we get in some ‘special purchases’, or some different styles from our carried brands that are very unique.. So unique, that it’s very possible that it’s ‘one of a kind’, and may never come in again. With this information, I always find it to be a good idea to stop by at least once a week, just to see if I can find something that will turn into one of those ” I found this for $10 at DFWh, and it’s still online or in store for over $100″ stories. Which can happen a little more than you think. A great example would be our outerwear. We get in some outerwear from a very famous online U.K. retailer, that is still on their site, and we’re selling it for a fraction of the price. Also from famous mall brands that are $200-$300, and we’re selling them for $40. We really have some hidden gems here at DFWh that can turn a typical trip to a store, into a fantastic fashion find!


Dress To Impress

Dressing for the occasion can make or break your first impressions. Having a good suit should be standard.. but they can be pretty expensive. We happen to have you covered there! We carry name brand items such as blazers($42), Dress pants ($14-$18), white dress shirts($5), colorful dress shirts ($14), and ties ($5)! Assuming you need a whole suit and go with our most expensive options, you’re still spending under $80(before tax) on a brand new suit. So make sure you stop at your local DFWh before an upcoming interview, or special occasion!    Ties(blog)


FallExHatAccessories can help make or break an outfit. Sometimes you just need that perfect, hat, scarf, or bag to complete your outfit. DFWh carries a lot of name brand accessories, and they tend to be very popular at our stores. Accessories aren’t always apart of our weekly shipments to our stores, so if you see something you like, grab it! You might not get another chance to.


Outerwear is always a must have.. the problem is, it get’s really pricy, and the more stylish jackets/coats also happen to be the most expensive typically. DFWh has great styles of outerwear for guys and girls at an exceptionally low price. Denim, parkas, faux leather, wool, cotton, etc.. DFWh has the material and style for you. Whether it’s just a nice jacket for a cool autumn night, or a heavy duty coat for the winter, we have you covered! We are shipping outerwear to our store locations weekly, so make sure to check the DFWh nearest you to get great deals on name brand outerwear!