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The third expansion for Bungie’s popular shared-world FPS, The Taken King introduces a new enemy class and a new story campaign. The action centers on Oryx, who leads the new Taken race on a quest to destroy the Guardians and avenge the death of his son Crota. Players must make their way onto Oryx’s massive Hive Dreadnaught ship, use new abilities, weapons, and gear to defeat his corrupted army, and eventually bring down the Taken King. This Legendary Edition includes the full original game, The Taken King expansion, and all other previously released DLC.

The action once again finds gamers serving as a Guardian, exploring long-lost civilizations on Earth and its closest neighbors. Players can create and customize their Guardian, choosing from the cyborg Exo, ethereal Awoken, and Human species, and then selecting from the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan classes. The Taken King introduces three new subclasses, with Warlocks harnessing electricity, Hunters using a bow made of gravitational void energy, and Titans wielding a flaming hammer. This expansion increases the level cap to 40, includes new Crucible PvP maps, new co-op Strike missions, and a new six-player Raid, and the friendly robot companion Ghost returns, though with the voice of Nolan North instead of Peter Dinklage.

Product Identifiers
Publisher Activision
UPC 0047875874428
Product Key Features
Release Year 2015
Genre Shooter
Platform Sony PlayStation 4
Additional Product Features
Number of Players 1-12
ESRB Rating T-Teen
Game Name Destiny: the Taken King — Legendary Edition
Game Destiny: the Taken King — Legendary Edition
ESRB Descriptor Animated Blood, Violence
Game Edition Legendary Edition
Game Special Features Explore Earth, the Moon, Venus, and Mars while battling hostile aliens 700 years in the future Create and customize characters, and collect resources to upgrade weapons and gear Join friends for a variety of competitive and co
Location USA