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Our mission statement is simple, “We want to make our Shoppers Happy!”

We can do that in several ways.

 • The first way is to provide clothing,  accessories and footwear at the most  discounted price we can, in some cases,  as much as 90% off regular retails.

• Another way is to provide a fantastic  selection of treasures for our customers.  Treasures that fit all sizes, shapes, and  styles! We want our customers to visit  often and always walk away with their  “favorite” piece of clothing – this week!

• The third way, and maybe the most  important way, is to create a wonderful “Customer Experience” for each of our shoppers, each time they visit our stores. We want you to shop us like you’re visiting your best friend and always leave with a smile and a new look!

We strive to keep our inventory fresh and our stores organized so shoppers can visit us and feel fantastic about their experience. We want your pocketbook to feel good as well. But mostly, we want you to look and feel good when you shop Discount Fashion Warehouse!

We now have Nine Stores!! Five in the Central Ohio area, one in Kettering near Dayton, one in Elyria near Cleveland and two in Cincinnati (Tri County and Kenwood).  We continue to move towards additional store openings to bring more happiness to more shoppers!

We also have “Pop Up” or “Event Sales” in various other Ohio locations to reach new areas and customers. These are quick hitting weekend events where hot deals are offered to our trendy and fast shoppers!

We are a growth minded, entrepreneurial company that can listen to our customers, spot trends, and move quickly to have our customers benefit.

If you want to keep up with us and our locations and pop up events, sign up for our “Insiders Club” and we’ll provide you with up to the minute notification of new buys, latest deals, recent markdowns, discount coupons, and any special promotion we have – which are many!